Protection Shower Sachet


🔮 Part of our Sacred Intentions Collection🔮

Protecting yourself and your energy is vital and important! Our Protection Shower Sachet are ritually crafted to do just that and to help clear and keep away negative energy. Each sachet is filled with whole Coffee Beans and Black Sea Salt dressed with Clove oil. On top of these herbs lies a Bay Leaf with the intention written on it and a raw Smoky Quartz crystal 🍃✨These are intended for shower rituals but can also be used for bath rituals or for other spells/rituals workings. Each sachet comes with information on how to use it, simple ways to work with it in ritual, and what to do with your sachet after it's use has come to an end!

Our Sacred Intentions Collection makes every day magick easy with our various bath and body ritual workings. All crafted with a special intention in mind using various herbs, oils, colors, and crystals to help aid your magick 🔮✨

Disclaimer : I do not claim or guarantee that these products will bring you what you're looking for. The magick lies within you! It's up to put in the necessary work towards your goals, dreams, and desires. This collection is here to aid you on your journey of magick, manifestation, and more! Do with these that thy will. So mote it be.

INGREDIENTS: Coffee Beans, Black Sea Salt, Clove Essential Oil, Bay Leaf.