About Us

Witchy Washy Bath Co. was founded and created in June 2017 by a young, ethical, and hard working woman named Taylor. As a young girl, Taylor showed signs of having special “gifts” that most others did not possess or understand. Always being told to keep her “third eye” open, she began to embrace these gifts. As she grew up, she wandered down the path of witchcraft but one thing spells couldn’t fix was her sensitive skin. Not only does she possess sensitive skin but, her youngest brother suffers from severe eczema. With a determination in creating products with a beneficial aspect and a "witchy" twist, Witchy Washy Bath Co. came about!

All products are handcrafted by Taylor and are vegan/cruelty-free. All ingredients are carefully selected by vegan certified suppliers to make sure you are receiving top of the line skincare products! Each product is tested on different witches to guarantee the ultimate, magickal bath time experience!

The Witchy Washy Bath logo was created by Phil DeAngulo! Big thanks to Phil for his time and his creative vision in making this logo!
You can check out Phil's work here!