Witchy Washy Bath Co. presents to you the Wheel of the Year Subscription Box ✨

★ This box is a non-contract subscription box, giving you the opportunity to pick and choose which box you would like to order!

★ Every box is dedicated towards each pagan festival/sabbat 🔮

★ Each box includes 6 to 7 EXCLUSIVE, full size products!

★ Price of box may vary each time due to specific items in box.

★ There is a 15 day pre-order period. All boxes will be prepped and shipped within 2 weeks after pre-orders have ended.

★ Shipping is a flat-rate fee of $13 (U.S) and will be shipped priority and insured.

COUPON/DISCOUNT CODES CAN NOT BE USED WHEN PURCHASING THIS BOX. If used, you must pay the difference or I am happy to refund you what you have paid for the box.

Included in this box is:

☾ Book of Litha
☾ When the Faeries Come Out to Play Bath Bomb
☾ Goddess Danu Soap
☾ Midsummer's Eve Body Wash
☾ Self-love Salt Bath Ritual; Topped with Rose Quartz Crystal!
☾ Litha Essential Oil Roll-On
☾ Lemon Incense Sticks

PRE-ORDER BEGINS: May 23, 2018
PRE-ORDER ENDS: June 6, 2018
EST. SHIPPING DATE: June 15, 2018
Est. date for shipping is not guaranteed and may be shipped at an earlier/later date.


☆ When the Faeries Come Out to Play Bath Bomb: Faerie Magick is alive and they have come to dance and play! Scented in Fruit Loops and infused with Safflower Oil, this bomb will send you off into a mystical world 💫

☆ Goddess Danu Soap: Summer solstice was considered sacred to the Celtic goddess Danu who bestows fertility, prosperity, abundance. Some of Danu's symbols include gold, flowing water, air, wind, earth, and moon 💛💦💨🌎🌖 Scented in Passionfruit Nectar 🍊 A tantalizing fusion of passionfruit nectar and juicy nectarine slices with notes of ripe mango, lemon zest, Rome apple and plumeria. Infused with Rice Bran Oil which is great for ALL skin types!

☆ Midsummer's Eve Body Wash: Celebrate the summer solstice with this invigorating body wash! Scented in Mango Papaya 🍈 This can be used as not only a body wash, but also a relaxing bubble bath 🛁 Add to your Self-Love Ritual Bath for some extra TLC 💚

☆ Self-love Salt Bath Ritual: You have to nourish to flourish! Give yourself the self-love and self-care you truly deserve with the Self-love Bath Ritual 💕🛁🔮 Magickal formulated bath salts, essential and skin-loving oils, and herbs in the name of self-love! Topped with a raw Rose Quartz Crystal and comes with a step-by-step bath ritual ✨

☆ Litha Essential Oil Roll-On: Made with Lavender, Orange, Rosemary, Peppermint Therapeutic Essential Oils, Olive Oil, Lavender buds, and dried Chamomile buds 🌷Use during Litha celebrations by anointing yourself, candles, or tools! Great to apply to yourself during your ritual bath 🛁

☆ Lemon Incense Sticks: Each box comes with 5 lemon incense sticks! Burn during rituals or on your altar 🍋🔮